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Prime Power Box™

Remove Dirty EMF's

Prime Power Box™ was designed to clean up the dirty electricity entering your home from the power pole. It helps stop the harmful EMF’s that invade your home, raise your bills and is destroying the life of all your appliances and electronic equipment.

Get Clean Energy Now

Get Clean Power With a Prime Power Box

Eliminate Dirty Power, EMF's While Lowering Your Bills

Not having Prime Power Box™ on your home protecting you from EMF’s, Dirty electricity etc… would be like driving your car on the highway without a windshield… You would spend a lot more on gas with a huge wind catcher on the front of your car plus you and your family would be exposed to all the harmful elements flying off the road into your car. If you really understood what was really coming into your home straight off the power pole, you would have a Prime Power Box™ installed immediately. Not only it can save you from dirty electricity entering your home, but it pays for itself because it reduces your energy usage.

How Prime Power Box Has Helped

See why customers think Prime Power Box™ is for every home!


I was skeptical at first, but now I am surprised and delighted to say that this has reduced my electric bill up to about 18% sometimes even more. Clean energy is simply better.

Kimble D.

I saw the tests videos that showed how dirty energy is entering our home that was harmful to our health and hard on all the electronics. I was very happy to find a product like Prime Power Box™ that works and solve these problems.

Steven W.

I've read a lot about EMF's and harmonizing the electricity before it enters the home. We are very excited to have found this product that works so well to clean up the dirty energy and reduce the cost of our energy at the same time.

Gayle R.

Clean Your Power And Save Money

Lower your Consumption

When you harmonize your electricity with Prime Power Box™ before the electricity enters your home, you are bringing in a cleaner current that uses less amounts of electricity to run your home.

Clean Energy And Solar

Prime Power Box™ provides the resources to reduce consumption and harmonize your solar energy before it enters your home. This is the perfect complementary component to any solar installation.

Pools, Spas and Equipment

Pools and spas are energy hogs and can be the main cause of high energy bills. Prime Power Box™ is the ultimate solution to lowering your bills and extending the life of your pool pump & equipment.

How Much Will I Save?

The amount of money/energy you will save depends on how you use your power. We know that your electronic devices will run cooler and therefore reduce the heat load in your home in addition to using less power. Your electrical appliances and electronics will also benefit from a longer life because of less stress due to dirty power. Using Prime Power Box in your home just makes good sense and the many benefits are all the reason you need to start saving money today…

How Does It Work?

The power is conditioned by making the frequency, 60htz, more stable and by eliminating spikes and surges.

Power is dirty, you know this because you can hear the buzz and most electronics manufacturers recommend surge protectors. It makes sense then that clean power is more efficient, right?

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Dirty Electricity Is Wasteful & Expensive

It Also Causes Damage To Appliances & Electronics

Studies show further that dirty electricity is inefficient, wasteful, and harmful to electronics and equipment. While many experts say even dangerous and unhealthy to plants, animals and humans. Doctors have also found EMFs linked to autism, cancers, tumors, heart
irregularities, A.D.D, etc…

As a result of this passionate belief, we have engineered and produce the finest line of dirty electricity filters and energy management systems available on the planet today and make these products in the USA of the very finest components available.

A Proven Solution For Smart Meters

A significant amount of evidence exists that raises the following concerns and issues resulting from the installation of smart meters:

  • Introduction of harmonics into the electrical system can result in inefficient power usage and problems with modern electronics.
  • Increase EMF radiation being emitted by the smart meter and electrical system raises potentially serious health issues.
  • Increased potential for invasion of privacy because a smart meter is a two way transmitter of data not just electricity.
  • Increases in electric charges when the electricity travels through your homes wiring is none consumable dirty electricity.

Installing a Prime Power Box™ will help to protect your privacy * Reduce potential harmful EMF radiation * Safeguard your electronics * Improve audio/video clarity in media equipment * Extend the life of your appliances * Save money on your electric bills. 8 Prime Power Box™ instills directly at the breaker panel and provides more than protection of your privacy and better health. It will also provide line conditioning, surge protection, phase correction and harmonics reduction.

Top Prime Power Box™ Benefits

1. Reduce power consumption.

2. Extend the life of your appliances and electronics.

3. Reduce exposure of EMF in your home.

4. Improve your Solar system performance.

Energy Prices Continue To Rise.

You see, we’ve created a monster of sorts. As we install more solar panels on our rooftops, we reduce the demand on our power plants during the peak times of the day. What’s wrong with that you say? Nothing, except that the utility companies need to keep the generators running, they need to pay the staff, keep the entire system running and that takes money. The only way for them to continue to make money is to charge more for the power you use. You may have already seen price increases or plan modifications in your area. Now, did they do that for your benefit or theirs? I think the answer is clear that it benefit them… Just one more great reason to install Prime Power Box™ on your home this year.

Keeping You Safe

Here's Why We Build What We Build.

At PrimePowerBox™, we believe passionately that dirty electricity is one of the most important, potentially dangerous and therefore pressing issues facing mankind today. We believe further that dirty electricity is inefficient, wasteful, and harmful to electronics and equipment. While many experts say even dangerous and unhealthy to plants, animals and humans.

Why Protecting Your Home With Prime Power Box™ Is Smart...

We make the decision to protect your home and all that is in it easy. Saving electricity, your appliances and your health is a no brainer.

Reducing EMF's

Prime Power box™ helps to protect your family from harmful EMF’s

Saving Energy

Save a substantial percentage off your energy bill each and every month.

Harmonized Energy

Harmonized energy is a more clean and efficiently source of energy.

Electronic Health

When everything runs cleaner everything works smoother and last longer.

We Partner With Solar Companies

Prime Power Box is the perfect solution

Solar energy coming off the panels is some of the dirties un harmonized energy of all. This is extremely hard on the solar inverters. We have create the perfect solution for conditioning the solar energy before the convertor to eliminate un wanted ware and tear on the system. This also delivers a cleaner more harmonized power to the home. We help reduce the electrical consumption between 10% to 18% so the solar system does not have to produce as much to be efficient. This is the smartest solution for all solar installations.

Ready For Solar

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Take advantage of our exclusive program just for California homeowners. Our customers were blown away by how much they could save, without sacrificing quality.

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